6 Décor Tricks for Adding Style with Home Accessories

Colors can help add character to a room. Let your colors shine!

Colors can help add character to a room. Let your colors shine!

If you need to add a new look to your home but you’re a little strapped for cash—home accessories offer the perfect solution! In fact, these little wonders offer an instant way change your color scheme and add light and character – and they’re also one of the easiest, quickest and most inexpensive ways to do so. So, how can you transform your space with home accessories? Here are a few popular options: Continue reading

7 Reasons to Use an Area Rug


As a color or graphic design in the center of the room, an area rug draws us to our gathering places.

An area rug may just be the best thing you can do for a room. It may be walked all over, but don’t let its lowly position fool you. Simply choose a rug that’s roughly the same shape as the furniture clustering above it, cluster the furniture around, or on top of it, place a table or bed at its center—and you’re good to go Continue reading

Decorating on a Dime – 6 Design Tips | Ashley Furniture

Decorating on a Dime Is Easy with These 6 Helpful Design Tips

If your home is in need of a fresh new look, but your budget can’t take a hit, don’t despair! Some of the most dramatic changes you can make don’t have to cost a lot of money. Here are six relatively inexpensive decorating ideas that will bring out your home’s style and personality:

decorating on a budget

Beds with storage and extra dressers can help hide the clutter.

  1. Improve the lighting. Don’t keep your designs in the dark! Lighting is a cost-effective way to transform dreary, dark rooms into bright, warm inviting spaces. Update old lamps with newer, more stylish versions, hang cylinder pendants, paint or brighten up your window coverings, or just pull back the drapes and open the blinds.

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Tips for Selecting the Right Apartment Furniture

Furnishing a small space requires finding apartment furniture that maximizes space and that works in more ways than one. Small rooms, in fact, require more planning than much larger ones. But with a few good choices you can turn a small apartment or house into a relaxing place that feels spacious. Here are some features that you should look for in apartment furniture:

bed with storage

Optimize your space with beds that have storage.

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Tween Room Decor – Room Ideas | Ashley Furniture

7 Tween Room Decorating Ideas She’ll Love

Tween Bedroom Decorating Tips

Storage and bedding can make a difference in your tween’s room. Don’t forget to incorporate colors as well.

Ahhh, the tween years. They’re not little kids anymore. Yet they’re not even close to being adults! So when it comes to tween room decorating ideas, coming up with ones you both approve of can be a challenge. With her ever-changing tastes and fads that come and go, the key here is flexibility. So where to begin? Here are a few tween bedroom decorating ideas that are fun, practical and most importantly, adaptable: Continue reading

Patriotic Summer Entertaining | Ashley Furniture

Add a Patriotic Pop to Summer Entertaining in 5 Easy Steps

From hot dogs to fireworks, pool parties to backyard picnics, the Fourth of July is almost here—and with it comes summer entertaining! But how can you set the stage for a get together that’ll have friends and family coming back for more? Here are a few summer decorating ideas that will help add some patriotic pop to your summer party:

Summer Entertaining Ideas

Plan for crisp salads and fresh fruit to battle the warm weather. | Ashley Furniture HomeStore.

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Decorating with Color | Ashley Furniture

Decorating with Color: Home Design Color Theory

Ever wonder how interior designers select their color combinations to decorate your house and create those fabulous rooms we all envy? It’s the color wheel, of course! While the “rules” of color-wheel theory are probably just

pillows and throws

Check out these gorgeous colors that bring warmth into any room.

instinctive to the pros, they don’t have to be difficult for the average person to figure out. Choosing a single color monochromatic scheme for your living room, for example, is a good way to play it safe (e.g. the wall color is a lighter or a darker version of the sofa).   Continue reading